Sunday, October 5, 2008

Draft #1: Drop that keyboard now, illiterate artist!

My first figure-drawing instructor spent the first day in class showing several different works of art and having us comment on them. Several were classical and academic, and a few were arguably "modern," to which he seemed to show immediate disdain. My teacher wasn't against modern art--he had painted several works classified as such. But the pieces he disdained, regardless of classification, were obviously pushing an intellectual agenda.

His point was that artists are better "feelers" than "thinkers," and he advised us to communicate emotions instead of political or societal ideas.

In a way I'd like to follow his counsel. I'll be posting my thoughts, feelings, and opinions relating to my career, while trying to avoid making political stands or advance which side of whatever line I stand on. In general I want to discuss the bigger picture of human experience, especially as it relates to--and is communicated through--art & film.

In short, expect stories, anecdotes, observations, and ideas from a fledgling story artist.